Psiloritis geopark 3D map with interconnected virtual tour

The virtual tour will show up in the bottom left corner of the map when you select the tool Show aerial panoramas that is located on the top left side of the map in the topbar toolbox. From this same toolbox the user can measure 3D area and distance.

About the application

The applicatio is under contruction in ArcGIS javascript API and begun as an attempt to directly connect a virtual tour to a 3D map. The application depicts the 3D space of Psiloritis geopark, so it will require a modern browser that support WebGL and a modern PC to play it smoothly. The basic specifications of this device are at least 8GBytes of memory, a graphics card that will support WebGL and with a minimum ammount of memory of this card of 1GByte. These specifications are described in more detail in the following page Scene Viewer requirements.

The map details and a number of the panorams of the virtual tour are acquired and produced for the GEOIN project and are the same that are used in the interactive map of Psiloritis geopark and of the Sitia geopark. The virtual tour can also be visited as an stand alone application at the following address

The interactive map development was made from Spyros Staridas who also digitized and curated the geospatial and descriptive information of the application with the collaboration of Dr. Fassoulas Ch.

The development of the 3D map and the virtual tour is still ongoing from Nikolakakis Manolis, of Natural History Museum of Crete, of the University of Crete.